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Please note that this is not a search for articles or content or releases. Just newsgroups. Leading to their availability at various Usenet providers.

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PureUsenet (Base IP, XLned, Omicron Media)

Period: Every 5 minutes  —  NNTP Host:  —  PureUsenet – List of Usenet newsgroups

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New newsgroups' date and time:04 Jun 2023 16:35:02 +0000
Previous newsgroups' date and time:04 Jun 2023 16:30:01 +0000
Diff date and time:5m 1s
Number of all known newsgroups' names [for comparison]:264,822
Number of newsgroups:111,163
Number of newsgroups previous:111,163
Number of newsgroups' highs:180
Number of newsgroups' highs previous:145
Number of newsgroups' lows:16
Number of newsgroups' lows previous:6
New high total:692,667,285,504
Previous high total:692,666,040,320
High diff total:1,274,936
New low total:22,269,162
Previous low total:22,268,044
Low diff total:1,119
New total:692,644,937,728
Previous total:692,643,627,008
Diff total:1,273,817
Number of newsgroups with new messages:180
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:110,983
Number of newsgroups with lost retention:16
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:111,147

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