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News: Introducing a unique feature: retention monitoring per newsgroup per provider (and backbone). Example: alt.binaries.ath

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PureUsenet (Base IP, XLned, Omicron Media)

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New newsgroups' date and time:14 May 2022 23:12:02 +0000
Previous newsgroups' date and time:07 May 2022 23:12:02 +0000
Diff date and time:7d 0h 0m 0s
Number of all known newsgroups' names [for comparison]:216,704
Number of newsgroups:111,154
Number of newsgroups previous:111,153
Number of newsgroups' highs:3,679
Number of newsgroups' highs previous:4,490
Number of newsgroups' lows:12
Number of newsgroups' lows previous:5
New high total:565,016,264,704
Previous high total:562,648,907,776
High diff total:2,367,347,968
New low total:22,269,144
Previous low total:22,267,536
Low diff total:1,607
New total:564,993,916,928
Previous total:562,626,560,000
Diff total:2,367,346,432
Number of newsgroups with new messages:3,679
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:107,475
Number of newsgroups with lost retention:12
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:111,142
Newsgroups with new messages
NewsgroupNumber of messages
Newsgroups with lost retention
NewsgroupNumber of messages

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