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News: Introducing a unique feature: retention monitoring per newsgroup per provider (and backbone). Example: alt.binaries.ath

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New newsgroups' date and time:24 May 2022 08:55:22 +0000
Previous newsgroups' date and time:24 May 2022 08:50:18 +0000
Diff date and time:5m 4s
Number of all known newsgroups' names [for comparison]:216,704
Number of newsgroups:111,252
Number of newsgroups previous:111,252
Number of newsgroups' highs:492
Number of newsgroups' highs previous:537
Number of newsgroups' lows:297
Number of newsgroups' lows previous:297
New high total:504,022,269,952
Previous high total:504,021,581,824
High diff total:704,691
New low total:379,567,931,392
Previous low total:379,567,931,392
Low diff total:0
New total:124,454,215,680
Previous total:124,453,511,168
Diff total:704,691
Number of newsgroups with new messages:492
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:110,760
Number of newsgroups with lost retention:297
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:110,955
Newsgroups with new messages
NewsgroupNumber of messages
Newsgroups with lost retention
NewsgroupNumber of messages

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