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XS News, Abavia (through EasyUsenet)

Period: Weekly  —  NNTP Host:  —  XS News, Abavia – List of Usenet newsgroups

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New newsgroups' date and time:25 Jun 2022 23:12:09 +0000
Previous newsgroups' date and time:18 Jun 2022 23:12:09 +0000
Diff date and time:7d 0h 0m 0s
Number of all known newsgroups' names [for comparison]:218,157
Number of newsgroups:136,320
Number of newsgroups previous:136,294
Number of newsgroups' highs:3,943
Number of newsgroups' highs previous:4,068
Number of newsgroups' lows:3,050
Number of newsgroups' lows previous:5,137
New high total:534,694,821,888
Previous high total:532,320,190,464
High diff total:2,374,643,712
New low total:445,492,985,856
Previous low total:442,930,003,968
Low diff total:2,562,982,912
New total:89,201,696,768
Previous total:89,390,030,848
Diff total:-188,339,248
Number of newsgroups with new messages:3,943
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:132,377
Number of newsgroups with lost retention:3,050
Number of newsgroups with no change or decrease:133,270
Newsgroups with new messages
NewsgroupNumber of messages
Newsgroups with lost retention
NewsgroupNumber of messages

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