Please note that this is not a search for articles or content or releases. Just newsgroups. Leading to their availability at various Usenet providers.

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Latest Analytics of Usenet Providers and Usenet Backbones – Updated Every 5 Minutes

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Legend: LoN – List of Usenet newsgroups, Y – Yearly, Q – Quarterly, M – Monthly, W – Weekly, D – Daily, H – Hourly.

Note: * Initial scanning.


List of Usenet newsgroups


So, we are in the year 2023 and there is still not a single Usenet provider we would know of that would support the latest standards and protocols. Even the newer ones who claim using a new or custom software do not do so.

How do we know this? — We have written our own software from ground up and we see all the communication between the nodes of this complex worldwide infrastructure.

How could we expect any profound innovation in this sector when both the old and the new suppliers behave like dinosaurs? (Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, we admit, but...)

A trigger to innovate can be released by exposing more detailed information about the players, thusly allowing for a more open playing field.

Unlike most reviewers who push their subjective preferences driven by their subjective motivations, we shall continue to present objective data in increasingly comprehensive forms of charts, data analysis, and explanatory commentaries and interpretations, to allow for an educated decision to be made by both existing and novice users of Usenet themselves.

With the growing set of features of our service, we shall endeavour to show where and why the use of multiple Usenet providers is not only convenient but also practical, and how and when they complement each other.

This important and valuable analytical data is just a by-product of the development of our main ultimate objective though — namely a provision of the most comprehensive multi-provider Usenet search engine and its companion easy-to-use multi-platform Usenet search and download client.


[Development in progress. More features coming soon.]


Are you a Usenet backbone, provider or reseller, or a Usenet related software developer, or a Usenet search engine operator? — Get in touch to discuss how and in what way to get your products or services featured on our website that aims to become a one-stop shop for everything Usenet related, in the spirit of our overarching name: Uzanto Reto [Users' Network in Esperanto].


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